Online Bill Payments

Payments for sales and use tax, liquor-by-the-drink tax, tobacco tax, or professional privilege tax should be submitted through TNTAP. This website can be used to make payments for any other type of state tax liability until May 18, 2018. After that date, this website will no longer be available. For information about how to submit payments after that date, please click Here.

Pay your outstanding tax liability

If this is your first time paying your outstanding tax liability online and need assistance, please review our Instructions or Online Demo.

If you need to pay a tax liability for sales and use tax, liquor by the drink tax, tobacco tax or professional privilege tax, please visit the Tennessee Taxpayer Access Point (TNTAP) , and choose your payment method under the “make a payment” area. Please use this website to make a payment for any other type of state tax liability.

What You Need

  • Your taxpayer information and Case ID.
  • Payment information for either ACH debit or Credit Card.

    Notice to taxpayers using a corporate bank account to transmit payments through this internet application:

    Payments initiated through this on-line application are sent to the receiving bank via the Automated Clearing House (ACH) as a 'CCD' transaction type. Some customers have filters or debit blocks on their bank account that would prohibit this type of payment from being processed without the receiving bank's prior knowledge of The Tennessee Department of Revenue's intent to debit the bank account designated in the payment transaction. This can be resolved by providing the bank with the following 10-digit Company I. D. number (or identifier) to store on file prior to initiating payments through this Bill payment on-line application: C626001445.

    If your bank does not allow this type of transaction to the bank account you designate, you will need to use a different bank account in order to file and pay on this site.