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Welcome to TennCare Online Services.
Here TennCare providers and trading partners can:

  • Verify TennCare eligibility
  • Enter, review, and submit or adjudicate claims*
  • Upload or download HIPAA transactions*
  • Submit or inquire about pre-admission evaluation status*
  • Use TennCare messaging system

          *Long Term Care Providers

Providers and partners who wish to use this online service
must be a Subscriber.
Learn how to subscribe.

If you cannot verify an enrollee's eligibility via this online system, you should contact the enrollee's TennCare MCO.

You may also contact
TennCare Provider Services at 1-800-852-2683 (toll free) or
(615) 741-6669 (Nashville, TN local)

Doctor and Patient


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- You are a current subscriber
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- You are a new subscriber
- You have just reset your passcode


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