Tennessee Tank Helper Help and FAQs

I Cannot Log In

If you are unable to log in, contact:

Web Help & Application Managementk
(629) 888-5870 or (888) 890-8183
E-mail Apps.Support@TN.Gov

Who to Contact for Help

If you have questions about Tennessee Tank Helper, contact:

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
Division of Underground Storage Tanks
(615) 532-0945

I am an Owner that is also an Operator. Where do I log in?

Log in as an owner. You will be able to access all owner and operator information from your dashboard.

I just registered as an operator, but I don't see anything on my dashboard. What do I do?

A facility owner must designate you as an operator for their facility before you will see anything on your dashboard. You will receive an email notification when a facility owner designates you as an operator. After you have received an email notification, you can log back in and begin training.

What is Operator Training

Owners of facilities which have underground storage tanks are now required to have operators oversee and maintain the tanks. Operators will be required to take training for underground storage tanks. The application will allow owners to designate operators and allow operators to take online training. There are three categories of operators: A, B, and C. Owners will be required to state the designated operators for all of the owner's facilities. The designated operators using the application for training will be required to take the modules which are required for the facility that they are designated for.

Click here for more information regarding underground storage tank training.

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