Services and Fees

Searches and Verification

Service Fee
Interactive Vehicle, Title And Registration $2/search
TennCare Eligibility Search (For Providers Only) $75/year per 10 users
TN Criminal Justice Portal (For Law Enforcement Only) $7.50/user per year
Moving Violation Records for Businesses $7.50/search
Moving Violation Records for State Agencies $0
Moving Violation Records for Local Governments $3/search
Verify Driver License Status $1.25/search
Customer Lookup $0

Reporting and Submissions

Service Fee
Architects and Engineers Plans $0
Disclosure of Interest Filing $0
Lobbyist and Employer of Lobbyist Registration $0
Modular Building Plans Submission $0
TDH Trading Parter Registration $0
TN Online Campaign Finance Filing $0

Tax Filing and Registration

Service Fee
Online Sales and Use Tax Filing $0
City and County Business Tax Filing $0
Professional Privilege Tax Batch Filing $0
One Stop Business Registration $0
City and County Business Tax Filing For Clerks $0

Event Management

Service Fee
TN Events Management System $0