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Business Information

  • Entity type: Limited Liability Company
  • Requested business name: Total Healthcare Wellness Clinic, LLC.
  • 12-1234567
  • Existence Upon Happening of Event: Plumbing is not working correctly. In process of having this fixed. This problem will delay opening.
  • Expiration date of business if not 50 years: 04/31/2055
  • Number of Members or Partners at Date of Filing: 6
  • This Limited Liability Company will be Member Managed


  • The undersigned acting as organizer(s) of a limited liability company under the provisions of the Tennessee Limited Liability Company Act, Section 48-205-101, adopts the Articles of Organization presented herein.
  • Other Provisions: N/A

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  • Name: Harry Doe
    Address: 1234 Any Street, Nashville, TN 37219
  • Authorized Individual to Execute Filing
    Name: John Doe
    Address: 1234 Any Street, Nashville, TN 37219
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John Doe