Meth Offender Registry Database

Meth Offender Registry Database

Here you can search for individuals convicted of Methamphetamine offenses.

You will need to have at least one of the following to conduct a search:

  1. County of Offense
  2. Last Name of Offender and first initial



This registry was created by Public Chapter 18 of the 2005 General Assembly, the Meth-Free Tennessee Act of 2005 and amended by Public Chapter 911 of the 2012 General Assembly. Tennessee Code Annotated Sec. 39-17-436. Registry of persons convicted of methamphetamine offenses. (a) There is created within the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation a registry of persons convicted of a violation of any of the following offenses: (1) Section 39-17-417 or § 39-17-418 involving any substance listed in § 39-17-408(d)(2); (2)Section 39-17-431; (3) Section 39-17-433; (4) Section 39-17-435; or (5) Conspiracy to commit, attempt to commit, or solicitation to commit any of the offenses listed in subdivisions (a)(1)-(4). Any person convicted of an offense or offenses for which placement on the methamphetamine registry is required shall be prohibited from purchasing a non-exempt product containing any immediate methamphetamine precursor for the entire period such person is required to be on the registry (seven years).


The information contained in the registry is provided to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation by the office of the clerks of court in each county. The TBI does not independently verify the convictions, and cannot guarantee their accuracy. Therefore, this information should be regarded only as a resource suggesting the need for further inquiry.