Timeshare Salesperson


A Timeshare Salesperson means any person acting as a seller of any timeshare interval under contract with or control of a licensed real estate broker pursuant to a registered timeshare program. A timeshare salesperson must be affiliated with a licensed real estate firm which is affiliated with a registered timeshare development. A license is required to be issued by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission to engage in the activities of a Timeshare Salesperson.

All applicants must present a completed Timeshare Salesperson Candidate Pre-license Verification form at the examination center prior to application for licensure.


  • Complete Timeshare Salesperson Candidate Pre-license Verification Form sworn to by principal broker that applicant is honest and trustworthy.
  • Sworn statement from principal broker that applicant has completed successfully 30 hours of specific timeshare pre licensing education.
  • Take and pass the national and state exams with a 70% score or better.
  • Submit fingerprints per fingerprint instructions.
  • Submit proof of high school degree or GED.
  • Submit application on approved form with application fee
  • If active, submit proof of E&O insurance and have principal broker affiliated with firm affiliated with registered developer sign application.

The examination information can be found in the Candidate Information Bulletin, specifics as to examination outline for the Timeshare Salesperson can be found on page 12.


Examination Fee: $43

Examination Retest Fee: $43

Application:  $110

Renewal fee: $80 (biennial)


Applicant for acquisition agent or for a time share salesperson license who has passed the exam for either such license in the 12 month period preceding the date of application shall be deemed to have satisfied the examination requirements for the pending application (within the 12 months following examination, a timeshare salesperson can elect to give up the timeshare salesperson license and apply for an acquisition agent license without further examination).