Beauty Pageant Operator Registration


A beauty pageant includes any contest or competition in which entrants are judged on the basis of physical beauty, skill, talent, poise, and personality, and in which a winner, or winnners are selected as representing an ideal in one or more areas. 

Any person who conducts business in the state of Tennessee as a beauty pageant operator must comply with the requirements of the Tennessee Beauty Pageant Law, as codified at T.C.A. 47-18-201 et seq.

Certain nonprofit organizations, religious organizations, churches, organizations affiliated with local governments (e.g. schools), civic clubs, and fairs are exempted from the registration fee and surety bond requirement, as codified at T.C.A. 47-18-202 and T.C.A. 47-18-205.


All registrants must submit:

1.   A Registration fee of $50.00

2.   A completed Registration Form

3.   Their Sales Tax Registration Number; or exemption; and

4.   A $10,000 surety bond found here.


Registration Fee:  $50.00

Each operator is required to have proper registration for their pageant(s).



To be exempted from the registration fee and surety bond requirements, a registrant must receive a letter of exemption from the Tennessee Division of Regulatory Boards.  All operators are still required to complete the Registration form.

More information can be found here.