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ABC Childcare
Provider ID: 123456789
Provider Extension: 123
1111 Main St.
Suite 111
Nashville, TN 37219
(615) 555-5555

Pay Cycle: Monthly


Click on an EAV below to begin entering information.

If you do not see any EAVs here, they will be available at the end of your next billing cycle when your registration is fully processed. If you receive a paper EAV from the Department of Human Services, submit it as normal until the registration cycle is complete.

If you do not know when your billing cycle ends, please contact Fiscal Services at 1-800-362-8004.

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The following EAVs are waiting to be reviewed and submitted to DHS.


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* You may see the word "Backdated" next to the date range of an EAV. Backdated EAVs occur when a child is enrolled for a period that has already been paid.

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