Business Tax Online Batch Filing

What You Can Do

This is where City and County Business Tax Return files can be sent electronically to the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

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What You Will Need

  • Tennessee Business Tax Account Number (a taxpayer located within a city may be required to file both a city and county business tax return)
  • Username and Password
  • The reporting period amounts for the following, if they apply:
    • Gross Sales
    • Deduction Amounts
  • Payment information for an ACH debit transaction
  • Taxpayers who have a filtered or debit block, account through your bank, which requires you to supply the bank with a vendor/company ID number (prior to transmitting the payment), please use the following information for these ACH payment transactions. Company ID C626001445.

For information regarding your tax registration, call toll free 1-800-342-1003 or (615) 253-0600. For more information regarding electronic filing of your tax return and payment, call 1-866-368-6374 or (615) 253-0704.

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Current Sales Tax Users

If you currently file Sales and Use Tax Online, you can add the County and City Business Tax Service to your account and use the same login/password for both applications.

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