Agency Motor Vehicle Records Search Help and FAQs

Who do I contact with questions about the search results?


If you have questions about searching motor vehicle records, contact:
Dept. of Safety Driver License Help Desk
(615) 253-5221

Who do I contact if I got an error message or cannot log in?


If you received an error message or are having trouble logging in, please record the error number and contact technical assistance at:
Web Help & Application Management Help Desk
(629) 888-5870 or (888) 890-8183
E-mail Apps.Support@TN.Gov

What information can I search for?


A search will return the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver License Number
  • Driver License Issue and Expiration Dates
  • CDL/Non-CDL Status

What do I need to do to sign up to use this service?


Access to this online service is restricted to state agencies approved by the Dept. of Safety. You must create a account if you don't have one for your agency, and meet the following requirements:

Letter from Comissioner Your agency will require a memo from your Commissioner to the Dept. of Safety Commissioner requesting access. The memo must be on your agency's letterhead and include a statement describing how the MVR information will be used.

Audit Confirmation Prior to the end of each month, each Account administrator must complete an Audit Confirmation and send it to the Dept. of Safety. A link to the audit form is on the main page of the service, or it can be downloaded directly from /amvr/monthly-audit.pdf.

If you are not a state agency, you may be able to access other similar services, such as Driver License Information, Moving Violation Records, or Vehicle Title and Registration Records.